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The 10 Best Halloween Music and Sound Effects Albums 2013

Are you looking for the best Halloween music or ambient Halloween sound effects for your 2013 Halloween party? Or perhaps you’re hoping to scare the little trick or treaters as they approach your front porch this October 31? Nah – you wouldn’t want to do that… Maybe. Well fret...

Epic Evil Halloween Horror Music

New track. That is all. (feature image: Where Fears Roam by Philip Straub)

Halloween Horror Music – Cave of Ghosts

This is my latest track. Again, used Ableton for the sequencing and mixing. Used mostly built in Ableton sounds, controlled by my Korg M1. Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the rest of my Halloween Music tracks!

New Track: Jacob’s Layers – Creepy Halloween Music

Here’s some more creepy Halloween music from yours truly. I call this one Jacob’s Layers for two reasons. One – it uses a sound sample of a Jacob’s Ladder electric charge and two – about mid way through the track there are like 10 layers of audio samples playing...