Free Halloween Music

You asked for a trick or treat, so I’m in the mood for giving out a serious treat. That is, if you think Halloween Music is a treat. One thing for sure is that this isn’t a trick.

I’m giving away my Halloween Music, both the 2009 single 30 minute track and the 2010 Wicked Creep album for free! Yes, you read that right, the ultimate Halloween Music is available here, on SpookySoundPad for free. One more time – Free Halloween Music! The only thing I request is a Facebook or Twitter post. I’m using Transact Socially to offer these Halloween albums in return for a social payment.

Of course, if you’re so inclined, you can still get the music for cheap over at, but why bother when you can get it for free below.

Have a great Halloween!!!

Download Wicked Creep Halloween Music 2010 Free Download Wicked Creep Halloween Music 2009 Free