New Track: Jacob’s Layers – Creepy Halloween Music

Here’s some more creepy Halloween music from yours truly. I call this one Jacob’s Layers for two reasons. One – it uses a sound sample of a Jacob’s Ladder electric charge and two – about mid way through the track there are like 10 layers of audio samples playing at a single moment.

The vocal sample at the beginning is taken from a clip where someone is apparently revealing a sound bite from the pits of hell, retrieved in a hole in Serbia or something. I don’t really buy it – listening to the actual sound bite it seems like a bunch of people in a hall having a party or something.

The second vocal sample is from a 1950’s Halloween lp. The record itself is super cheesy, but I thought this screaming was somewhat authentic sounding.

The video portion was created in mere minutes with the help of Photoshop and Camtasia.


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